Heart Internet celebrates 10 years at top of hosting industry

Hundreds of thousands of customers rely on us every day to power their websites, emails, applications and much more. Our customers span a wide range of individuals and businesses from bloggers, freelancers and agencies to large national companies with complex requirements.

We understand how important reliable web hosting is to the success of any website, no matter how big or small, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We back up all of our products and services with great prices and 24×7 support from our entirely UK based expert support team who provide some of the fastest response rates in the web hosting industry.

Heart Internet, the UK’s largest reseller hosting company recently announced that September 2014 marks the 10 year anniversary of the company’s founding.

10 years ago, Heart Internet co-founders and internet pioneers, Tim Beresford and Jonathan Brealey, set out to build a cost effective and technically advanced hosting company. Since 2004, Heart Internet has grown rapidly and is now the number one choice for hosting websites amongst web creatives.

To mark this special landmark, the company has today launched its ‘Heart Internet is 10 campaign.’ The campaign, which runs throughout September, demonstrates the business’ commitment to its customers by offering both new and old clients a selection of exclusive discounts from its extensive product portfolio. The offers may be claimed on the following annual products:

· 20% off Home Pro

· 50% off Business Pro

· 25% off VPS

· 10% off HS 250 Hybrid Servers

· 25% off HS 600 Hybrid Servers

Heart Internet Director Craig Cotter said: ‘Heart Internet continues to be driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders. Over the past ten years we have continually looked for a better way of doing things in order to support the thousands of businesses which rely on us every single day.’

‘By building and investing in our technology platforms alongside our commitment to delivering excellent customer support, we have set a standard of excellence within the industry. Heart Internet has demonstrated its dedication to quality for 10 years, and we remain passionate in continuing in this vein.’

see more: https://www.heartinternet.uk/company/pr-news/heart-internet-celebrates-10-years-at-top-of-hosting-industry

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